Scope: defines parameters used by the AirSensEURDataAggregator process. The AirSensEURDataAggregator is responsible for polling the AirSensEURHost process and the local gpsd process and merge the read information. Geo-Localised samples are stored on a local SQLite database for future use.

File: /usr/local/etc/

Notes: restart the sampling process to apply configuration changes.

Relevant keys:

Key NameDefault ValueNotes
sensorhostlocalhostDefines the host name where RPC calls are sent in order to retrieve data samples
sensorport8000RPC target port
gpshostlocalhostDefines the hostname where the gpsd process is running
gpsrport2947GPSD target port
numSensors7Number of sensors installed on the Shield (should match what is configured for the Aggregator)