Scope: defines parameters used by the AirSensEURHost process. This process is in charge of polling the specified serial line and issuing commands to the connected AirSensEUR Shield in order to start/stop sampling and sample retrieval. AirSensEURHost implements a RPC server used to exchange data/commands with external processes. Read samples are evaluated prior to be published through RPC. The evaluation rule, for each sensor channel, is defined in the configuration file.

File: /usr/local/etc/

Notes: This file can be changed/updated by the Web Configuration Panel.

Relevant keys:

Key NameDefault ValueNotes
portttyS1Defines the serial port where a Shield is connected
debug5Used to increase verbosity logs
jsonHostname0.0.0.0Binding IP for RPC server. means: All interfaces
jsonPort8000Port used by the RPC server
pollPeriod6000Scheduler time used to poll the serial line (in milliseconds)
numSensors7Number of sensors installed on the connected Shields
sensorname_XXS_XXLabel used for sensor at logical channel XX
sensorexpression_XXxExpression used to evaluate samples read from the Shield. For the syntax, please refer to the "expr" Java library
useBusProtocolfalseIf true, the sensor bus protocol is used, otherwise, a point to point connection is expected between the shield and the host (compatibility mode)
sensorboarid_XX0Board ID where the logical sensor XX is located
sensorchannel_XX0Physical sensor channel (i.e. relative to a shield) mapped to the logical sensor channel XX
sensordisabled_XXfalseIf yes, the logical sensor XX is skip by the engine
sensorhires_XXfalseIf yes, the host will poll the logical channel XX for a floating point evaluated sample.
enableAutoDiscoveryfalseIf yes, the host will try to discover boards and sensors connected to the sensor bus.
skipHostSensorsfalseIf yes, the host will include only sensors available through the sensor bus. If not, sensors connected to different interfaces will be include (i.e., battery charge status, battery voltage and coulomb counter)