Scope: defines parameters used by the AirSensEURDataPush process when running in InfluxDB mode.  AirSensEURDataPush is a Java program periodically started by a cron job. AirSensEURDataPush has two operational modes: InfluxDB and 52North SOS.  InfluxDB mode has been tested with a remote InfluxDB server (version 0.8).

File: /usr/local/etc/


Relevant keys:

Key NameDefault ValueNotes
datapath/usr/local/airsenseur/AirSensEURDataAggregatorSample source SQLite database path
influxdbhostyour.server.ip.addressRemote INFLUX DB server address or name
influxdbport8086Defines the hostname where the gpsd process is running
influxdbnameairsenseurRemote INFLUX DB database name
influxdbdatasetHomeDataINFLUX DB Series where data will be stored
influxdbuserairsenseurINFLUX DB remote server authentication username
influxdbpasswdairsenseurINFLUX DB remote server authentication password
uselineprotocoltrueWhen true, use InfluxDB line protocol, otherwise use JSON protocol (JSON is valid only for influxDB versions < 0.9)
debug1Log verbosity
datatimespan900000Timespan for data chunk retrieval (in milliseconds)
connectionTimeout60Seconds for HTTP client timeout. Increase it for very slow influxDB servers