Scope: defines parameters used by the AirSensEURDataPush process when running in 52North SOS mode.  AirSensEURDataPush is a Java program periodically started by a cron job. AirSensEURDataPush has two operational modes: InfluxDB and 52North SOS.  52North SOS mode implements JSON API.

File: /usr/local/etc/


Relevant keys:

Key NameDefault ValueNotes
datapath/usr/local/airsenseur/AirSensEURDataAggregatorSample source SQLite database path
debug1Log verbosity
datatimespan2000000Window time-width where samples are aggregated on each single InsertObservation call (in milliseconds)
sos.hostnameyour.server.ip.addressRemote 52North SOS server IP address or name
sos.port8000Remote 52North SOS server port
sos.endpointAirSenSOS/service/jsonRemote 52North SOS server endpoint URL
sos.offering.name offering name
sos.foi.nameAirSensEURSOS Feature Of Interest Name
sos.foi.idfoi00001SOS Feature Of Interest ID
sos.foi.updatelocationtrueIf true, the location will be updated with current GPS info
sos.observation.byidtrueIf true, each observation will be timestamped by a unique Id
sos.sensor_XX.procedure Procedure URL for sensor channel XX
sos.sensor_XX.observedprop Observed property URL for sensor channel XX
sos.sensor_XX.uomppmUnit Of Measurement for channel XX
sos.timeout90Communication timeout (in seconds). The client aborts connections to the remote server if no answer is received after this period